Everything You Should Know Before Enrolling In Driving School in Utah

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Are you considering enrolling in driving school but not sure where to start? Whether you’re a teen or an adult, attending driving school is an important step toward getting your license and becoming a safe driver. If you’re located in Utah, Joyce’s Driving School is here to help. With years of experience teaching students how to drive safely and confidently on the road, our experts have compiled a list of things you need to know before enrolling in driving school. From choosing the right program to understanding state requirements, read on for valuable insights to guide you in making the best decision for your needs.

Instruction Behind The Wheel

Learning to drive in Utah requires theoretical knowledge and practical experience. While you can learn much of what you need with online courses, behind the wheel instruction is critical for mastering skills and becoming a safe and confident driver. Six hours of behind the wheel instruction is required by most states, but programs typically offer more than that. Teenagers must also log at least 40 hours of supervised driving with a parent or guardian, and 10 of those hours must be for night driving. Instruction at our driving school program teaches students defensive driving techniques, decision making, and how to become a more confident driver.

Know When Classes Are Held

Classroom instruction is a vital piece for success in a driving school program. Our program is 95% online – with the student taking a required in-person written test at the end of the online course.  We offer these in-person tests on any day that we are driving other students.

Driving School Instructors Are Experts

Another important thing to know about enrolling in a driving school is getting the best possible training for yourself or a teenager. These instructors have undergone extensive training to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help new drivers. They receive certifications, meaning they have passed rigorous testing and training programs designed to ensure they can teach new drivers successfully. Many driving schools also provide their employees with continuous education to ensure they know best practices. They bring a wealth of real-world experience to help give you the peace of mind you deserve. Any driving school should include experience as one of its top requirements. It can be challenging to explain if you’ve ever introduced something entirely new to a teenager or anyone else. Experienced instructors who teach at driving schools know how to advise pupils while keeping patient.

Materials And Insurance

If you’re enrolling your teenager in driving school, it can be exciting but also nerve-wracking at the same time. One of the biggest concerns for new enrollees is what materials they must bring. Rest assured, all the necessary materials are provided by the driving school. Some examples could include textbooks, pamphlets, or any other study materials. This gives parents one less thing to worry about. Since many of the clients are first-time drivers, auto insurance is another concern. All reputable driving schools carry their own liability insurance policies, meaning students are covered while behind the wheel during lessons. This provides peace of mind for both students and their parents or guardians who may be worried about potential accidents during lessons.


  • A driving school program in Utah will include an on-line course and behind the wheel instruction.
  • On-line courses allow the student to work at their own pace that fits into their schedule.
  • Driving school instructors are an excellent choice for people of all ages.
  • All the materials are provided when you enroll in a driving school program.
  • Insurance is typically included in the price of your driving school course. You will not have to worry about paying for any damages if you are in an accident during lessons.

Joyce’s Driving School Is A Preferred Choice In Utah

Are you considering enrolling in driving school in Utah? At Joyce’s Driving School, we provide personalized and professional driving instruction to people of all ages. We offer packages for students who want to learn how to drive or for individuals who need to improve their skills. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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