Supporting Your Teen Driving Getting Behind The Wheel

supporting teen drivers behind wheel

Driving is a right of passage for any teenager. However, it doesn’t come without anxiousness from them and their parents. While we want our children to explore independence and become responsible drivers, it can be nerve-wracking. Below are some suggestions Joyce’s Driving School recommends to all parents. With this information, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your teen drivers are ready to handle driving by themselves.

Why do teenagers get in more accidents than adults? One main reason is they need to prepare for the unexpected. They are overly confident and lack experience. Another reason is they feel invincible and think they can get away with driving how they want to. Parents have the responsibility to help them start in the right direction. They’ll be more likely to use good habits for life if you instill them early. You’ll also sleep easier at night.

Get Them Used To Driving More Often

Our driver’s education program always recommends driving as much as possible. You learn more about your car and how to handle it when you’re behind the wheel. Driving hours are needed before teenagers get behind the wheel alone by practicing with a licensed adult. Even if you have a busy schedule, it’s important to schedule a time to drive with your teen. They’ll feel more inclined to practice more often when parents have a positive driving attitude.

Showing confidence in a teen’s driving abilities by being willing to supervise them is a great approach. To make a teen feel cared about during driving sessions, it is important to offer advice, reinforce teachings, and ask for their feedback on how the session went and if they have any questions. Additionally, be sure to praise them for things they do correctly. This is a must to boost their confidence.

Set Clear Expectations Early

Clear expectations ensure teen drivers know their responsibilities and what you require from them. Establish rules about where and when your kids can drive. Discuss the importance of road rules, like following the speed limit and obeying other traffic laws. Another overlooked aspect of driving is the basic maintenance of the vehicle. Show them how to check oil levels, tire pressure, and any fluid levels.

To maintain clarity, establish clear and specific family rules and ensure they are enforced consistently. For instance, implement a firm rule prohibiting drinking and driving. Alcohol is particularly hazardous to a teenager’s developing brain, and the risks are compounded if they get behind the wheel and have an accident. This rule must be applied without any exceptions.

Have Patience And Accept Mistakes

As a parent, nothing is more nerve-wracking than watching your teenage child get behind the wheel for the first time. It’s understandable to feel anxious and want to control every move they make on the road. However, it’s essential to have patience and accept that mistakes will happen. Driving is a process, and you can’t expect teenagers to master it the first few times. They might forget to use a turn signal or bump a curb. These things are normal! Rather than getting frustrated with them, remain calm and use positive praise. When you show patience with your teenager, they’ll feel more comfortable driving. They’ll naturally make fewer mistakes and be willing to learn from mistakes. It will take time. Don’t expect them to be perfect.

Invest In A Driving School Progam

Investing in a driving school program like Joyce’s Driving School can be an excellent way for parents to support their teenagers. Learning how to drive is an essential skill that every teenager should acquire, as it gives them the independence and freedom they need when transitioning into adulthood. Driving schools provide a structured learning approach, ensuring that teens have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for safe driving.

One of the greatest advantages of enrolling your teenager in a driving school program is access to expert instructors to help them prepare for the driver’s ed test. The test is often challenging, and many teenagers struggle with it due to under-preparation or anxiety. With the help of professional instructors, teens can learn how to study for a driver’s ed test, develop good driving habits, and boost their confidence levels.

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