Top 10 Driving Safety Tips For New Drivers

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Joyce’s Driving School is always excited to help new drivers in Illinois and Utah get ready to become more confident motorists. After you’ve completed our driver’s education program, it’s equally essential to transfer those taught skills for the rest of your life. There are many road rules to understand, and it will take time to become a good driver. Here are our top ten safety tips for new drivers to get you started on the right track.

1. Continue Learning All The Time

Do online drivers ed classes work? That depends on how much effort you put into the learning process. While part of our program involves understanding concepts and driving rules, there’s nothing like the wheel experience. After completing our program, we highly recommend continuing mentorship with a responsible adult (i.e., a parent or guardian). Continue to employ and review the techniques taught at our driving school for life.

2. Use Your Turn Signals

You’ve seen it all the time, especially from seasoned drivers. They fail to use their turn signal literally every time. Not only can this cause a rear-end collision, but it also breaks the law. Don’t be like them. Use your turn signal whenever you make any lane change, merge or turn.

3. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

It’s one of the universal safety laws for vehicles that drivers must abide by. You should always have your belt on before starting the engine and ensure that all passengers wear theirs too. Even if you’re going just a few miles down the road, it doesn’t matter. Studies have suggested that most accidents happen within a few miles of home.

4. Get Adequate Rest Before Driving

Being tired while driving can cause severe impairment of your judgment and reaction time, potentially leading to an accident. As a new driver, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel. If you’re driving at night and get tired, pull over or switch with the other adult in the vehicle.

5. Always Leave Plenty Of Distance Between Vehicles

You’ve learned at driving school that keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you is critical. The rule of thumb is to leave about two or three seconds between your car and the one in front of you. If they have to slam on their brakes, you’re far less likely to hit them from behind.

6. Minimize Distractions

It’s easier than ever before to get distracted while driving. Whether it’s a text message coming through or the sound of a podcast, minimizing distractions while driving is essential. Keep your phone out of reach and only listen to music when you’re confident it won’t interfere with your driving ability.

7. Know Your Blind Spots

It’s essential to always keep an eye on your blind spot before switching lanes or turning right. Your blind spots are the locations that remain undetected by your rearview mirrors and may otherwise go overlooked. When you attempt to change lanes or turn, other vehicles and cyclists can often surprise you with these blind spots.  To protect yourself on the road, you must master looking over your shoulder. It’s a skill that is taught at Joyce’s Driving School.

8. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

You don’t want to risk getting involved in an accident because the vehicle was in poor condition. It’s essential to keep your vehicle serviced as outlined by its manufacturer’s instructions. If planning a long-distance trip, ensure the car is thoroughly checked before leaving. Routine services include oil changes, rotating tires, and checking your fluids.

9. Know Weather Patterns  And Practice At Night

Inclement weather can always make it more challenging to drive. For example, the winters are notorious for ice and snow in Utah. New drivers should be aware of the weather patterns in their area, know when to expect inclement weather, and take extra precautions accordingly.  Night driving is always more difficult to practice driving at night in well-lit areas with a responsible adult until you’re comfortable.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

The more time you spend behind the wheel, the better driver you become. Taking time to practice as a learner will increase your confidence and help. Enrolling in Joyce’s Driving School is an excellent way to begin your journey. Our instructors will provide you with the proper knowledge and techniques to become a safe driver.  Whether you want to know how to prepare for the driving test, or need a trusted expert to guide you, we’re here every step of the way.

Following these top 10 safety tips for new drivers is essential to remain safe. You can become a skilled and confident driver with patience, practice, and preparation. Have fun out there, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about driver’s education.

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