Get Behind the Wheel With Our Student Driving Program

Man behind the wheel with instructor at Joyce's Driving School for their student driver education program.

Teaching your child to swim, play the violin, catch a ball, or how to drive. What do all the activities above have in common? All of these activities require practice to learn and get good at.

The same amount of time and dedication needs to be given to learn the skills required to drive a car. Knowing how to drive a car safely is a skill that your kids will use for the rest of their lives. Not only will it impact their own lives, but the lives of other drivers on the roadway as well. It’s important for our students to learn the driving skills necessary to get their license and become safe drivers in a short amount of time since learning how to drive is a shorter process than most other activities. During our driver’s education program, our students will learn the skills they need to pass the final driver’s ed exam and driving school road test but the learning doesn’t end there. Driving is a life skill and your kids will continue to improve their driving skills for years after getting a license and being behind the wheel of a car. This is why we are dedicated to getting our students on the proper path to success.

Safe Driving Can’t Be Rushed

Our driver’s education program will take our students at least 6-9 months to complete. Drivers’ education is not something that can be squeezed into a short summer. Driving is a life skill that takes time to learn and comes with hours of practice behind the wheel.

We drive with each student about once per month and we expect you to practice with them in between each drive for at least 5-10 hours. Using the “Parent/Teen Driving Guide, The GDL Program” booklet we provided to your student at the beginning of class, you can see all the skills you need to practice with them while they are behind the wheel. During our time with our students, we will teach them all these skills, and you will receive evaluations from our instructors each time your student drives, highlighting what we taught them during that lesson. By the time you schedule their 6th drive with us, they should have at least 50 hours of practice logged with you. In the final lesson with us, we run through all the skills that are required on a driving school road test, making sure they have all the tools they need for their required road test and final driver’s ed exam to get their license. Our 13-year history has helped us develop a program that eliminates the need for a “refresher” and helps our students feel comfortable behind the wheel before their official driving school road test.

We are dedicated to bringing safe and confident drivers to our roadways by teaching our students the necessary driving skills. When your teen turns 16 and is ready for their Road Test and Driver’s License, they should feel confident and ready to drive after our driver’s education program. We want them to be as ready as they can be to tackle the road on their own. Remember, there will be little bumps along the way, and maybe some setbacks, so let’s get them started confidently into the wonderful world of road travel!

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