A joyful woman with out-of-focus cheerful expression holds up a smartphone displaying a winning notification of a $100 gift card on its screen against a lilac background.

TrypScore Drivers Ed

What is TrypScore?

Welcome to Trypscore! The only app that rewards your daily safe driving with access to exclusive contests, challenges, and the chance to win gift cards and other rewards! Safe driving made fun with TrypScore!

TrypScore Engage Drivers


TrypScore believes that each and every driver on the road can make a difference in working towards a future without vehicle collisions. We needed to find a new way to create change in society that didn’t involve drivers being handed out tickets or having their insurance premium raised.

TrypScore Reward Drivers


TrypScore works to accomplish its mission by promoting safe driving through a variety of challenges, contests, and the ability to level up your skills! Users that drive safely are rewarded with gift cards, exclusive access to contests, and more! The better you drive, the more rewards you can earn.

TrypScore Safe Communities


Working together with our Rewards Partners, our Users, and our Communities, TrypScore can help make a difference in reducing the high number of vehicle collisions and fatalities that society sees today. Our ultimate goal is to help build safer communities and safer drivers.

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