We have put forth the effort in answering many of our Frequently Asked Questions with in-depth descriptions and links.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pre-Registration


    • When is payment due for the class?

      There is a deposit when registering your teen, we ask that at least $200 is paid before class begins with the full balance paid by the first day.
      Your teen will NOT receive a permit application/proof of drivers education enrollment unless their account is paid in full.

    • Do you offer any payment plans?

      While we do not have an official payment plan, we are willing to work with you based on your needs. However, we will not issue your teen a permit application until their balance is paid in full. Please call us for details.


      Go to the RESOURCES tab by clicking here. Then click on your state to see the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS, or simply click on the following to be directed to the Illinois Resource Links:

      One of the following is required:

      Driver Education Approval Form
      Most common form for students to fill out and have a school administration sign.

      Home Schooled Parental Approval Form
      For students who do not attend a traditional high school. Students taking high school classes remotely would still use the Driver Education Approval Form above.

      Driver Education Waiver Form
      For students not currently enrolled in high school.

    • Is there a sibling discount?

      Yes! We love siblings! If you already had a student take a class with us and now your younger one is enrolled, we will give him/her a $25 discount. If you are paying during registration, please just manually subtract this amount and let the office know you are requesting a sibling discount.

    • What forms of payment are accepted, and when am I billed?

      We currently accept check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club & JCB. You will have the option to pay during registration or send a payment to us after registration. Future online payment of a balance due would be done in the student portal. Please note that there is a 3% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. To avoid this fee, checks and cash are always welcome.

    • Will I be charged sales tax?

      No, all sales tax is included in the base price of all our services.

    • How do I know my credit card number will be safe?

      We take every precaution to ensure that your personal data, including credit card information, is as secure as it can be. Our site utilizes Secure Socket Layer technology on all pages where personal information is requested. This encryption technology prevents anyone from using your personal data if intercepted. For the highest level of safety, your credit card information is not stored after the transaction is complete.

    • What happens if I need to cancel my student's registration?

      All deposit payments to our school are non-refundable, however they can be applied to another course if desired. If a situation arises in which you need to cancel your student’s registration, please call our office and speak to a staff member for more information.

    General Permit Information

    • What is the minimum age to get a learner's permit?

      Students must be 15 years old to take the permit test at the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to get a learner’s permit.  All students MUST have a permit application from us before going to take the written test at the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

    • How does my teen get his/her permit application?

      When your teen:
      1) is enrolled in a course with us
      2) has a $0 balance
      3) has turned in the required forms to us Click here to see required documents.
      4) is 15 years old
      5) has received their permit application from us (see the next questions for details on obtaining a permit application from us)
      6)has studied and prepared for the “IL Rules of the Road” written exam

      Once all these items are satisfied, the student may take their written permit test at an Illinois Secretary of State facility (ILSOS).  As of 4/2022 you need to make an appointment at most ILSOS offices to take the written test.

      If they pass this written test and an eye test, they will be issued a driving permit.

      Students may not drive until they have their permit in hand.

    • What documents are required to get a permit?

      To get a permit, you MUST take the following information to an Illinois Secretary of State’s facility. Go to the RESOURCES tab by clicking here. Then click on your state to see the Secretary of State Links, or simply click on the following to be directed to the Illinois resource links:

      Illinois Rules of the Road
      General information about driving in Illinois. Good guide to go along with our course and answer questions new drivers may have.

      Illinois GDL Parent-Teen Driving Guide
      A useful tool to help parents observe and instruct their teen drivers during the instruction permit phase of licensing.

      Parent-Teen Driving Contract (This is not the contract required by Joyce’s)
      This contract is a recommendation from the 2006-2007 Illinois Teen Driver Safety Task Force as a way to encourage safe and responsible driving. It is an issue solely between the parent(s) and teen driver.

      Graduated Driver License
      Outlines the provisions of Illinois’ Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program, which has become a national model for teen driver safety.

      50-hour Driving Log
      This log may be used to record the 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice time, including 10 hours of nighttime driving, that your teenager must complete before obtaining a driver’s license. This chart is designed solely for your convenience as a means to ensure your teen has completed the required 50 hours of practice driving.

      Acceptable Identification for Permits and Driving Licenses
      The Acceptable Identification Document chart (reverse) lists documents that may be used as forms of identification to provide proof of legal name, date of birth, Lawful Status, Social Security number and residency when applying for a driver’s license(Permit)/ID card.

      Illinois Secretary of State Rules of the Road Review Course Workbook
      The Review Course combines an explanation of the driving exam with a practice written exam.

    • When is the Illinois Secretary of State's office open?

      Different locations are open on different days. Click here to be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State website.  As of 9/1/2021 all of the SOS locations require appointments for permit tests, road tests, and obtaining a license.

    • When can my teen start driving?

      As soon as he/she gets the learners’ permit! Your teen can drive with anyone 21 years old or older who has a valid driver’s license. The Behind-the-Wheel training with Joyce’s Driving School can start being scheduled as soon as a permit is acquired.

      Teens DO NOT need to finish the classroom portion in order to start driving with us.

    • What is my "permit number" on my learners permit?

      The permit# is listed on the learners permit as the DL#. It is the twelve (12) digit number that starts with the first letter of your last name.

      The FAC number is on the back side of the permit – that info needs to be entered as well on the student portal.

    • How do I get proof that my child has completed a driver's education course?

      When your teen completes all the requirements for driver’s education:
      · Completed and passed all 30 hours of classroom
      · Finished all their required Behind the Wheel Lessons.
      · Paid all fees due to Joyce’s Driving School.
      … then we will send the appropriate documentation to the state.  Approximately 2-4 weeks after that send date, your teen will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from the Secretary of State of Illinois.

    • How does my high school know I've completed a drivers ed course?

      When you have fulfilled all your requirements here at Joyce’s Driving School, we send in your paperwork to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. They in turn send you a letter to the address listed on the permit.

      That letter is the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. Make a COPY that letter and take it to the administration office of your high school to prove you have completed a driver’s education course.

      Keep the original CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION on file in your home until your teen graduates from high school.

    Classroom Info

    • How many classes are there in each session?

      Illinois requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction.  We offer our courses in 15 x 2 hour lessons.  Dates and times for each scheduled class can be found on your student portal.

    • How do I make up a missed class?

      If you have missed a class, you need to schedule a make-up class within your student portal.  Find the class you are marked ABSENT from, click on it, then choose a different date and time to attend the lesson you missed.

    • Do we need to let you know when a student is going to miss a class?

      No, you do not need to call us if your student is going to miss a class.  Your only repsonsibility is to make sure you do not miss more than FOUR of the originally scheduled classes.  If you miss a make-up date, that is not counted as an additional miss, only the first time you missed the class within your original schedule is counted as a missed class.

    • How many classes can a student miss due to scheduling conflicts/sick days?

      Per Illinois Rules, students can only miss up to FOUR of their original scheduled classes.  Any more than FOUR misses of the original schedule and they will be required to start the class again.  There is a $200 for enrollment in another classroom selection.

      NOTE: All make-up classes need to be completed within 9 months of your first day of class per our student contract.

    BTW Info

    • What is a BTW?

      BTW = Behind the Wheel
      These in-car lessons apply the theory learned by the student during the classroom lessons to on-the-road experiences. This portion of the program should be integrated into the classroom lessons to reinforce what the student is learning.

    • When should my teen schedule their first BTW with an instructor?

      Your teen may sign up for a BTW with us as soon as they have their learners permit. While we appreciate students coming to us with a couple of driving hours under their belt, it is not required. At a minimum we ask that the student can adjust their seat and mirrors, identify the major components such as the accelerator, brake and turn signals. The abilities to accelerate, brake and turn are also useful, but not required, before the first drive.

    • How do I sign up for a BTW appointment?

      Log in to your Student Portal – basic rules for booking a BTW are explained in the YELLOW BANNER on the top of your student portal.

      Click on the BLUE BOX that says TEEN IN-CAR SCHEDULING to see available dates for a BTW.

      We encourage all teens to make time for at least one BTW per month if they are in class with us or have already completed a class. During the school year, we offer many weekend and holiday BTW’s, which get booked very quickly.

      BTW’s cannot be booked on a day teens are attending a class.

    • How does my student book a HOME pick-up and/or drop-off?

      To book a HOME pick-up, students need to have purchased the HOME option.  Go to MY ACCOUNT, then ENROLLMENT/BILLING on the left tool bar in the student portal to purchase the HOME Option.

    • How many BTW's can I schedule each week?

      You can book up to two drives each week IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE!
      It is state law that you cannot complete all your drives in less than 14 days, so the web site will not allow you to book them with less than three days in between each lesson.

      This limit setting allows you to practice what we teach you in each BTW with your parents. Remember, we need to work as a team to learn good driving habits, not just rush through your BTW lessons to get them done. Each time you complete a BTW, you should practice those skills for at least 3-6 hours of driving with your parents.

    • How do I cancel a BTW appointment?

      Log in to your account and click on the BEHIND-THE-WHEEL (BTW) LESSONS box in the Quick Links.

      We require a 72-hour notice for all BTW cancellations, per our contract, to avoid a $50 late cancellation fee.

      Use the student portal to cancel BTW drives. We DO NOT accept BTW cancellations over the phone or with voice mail.

    • Why does my child need a permit for each BTW?

      The permit is your teens legal document that gives them permission to be on our roadways. Just like your license, it is required whenever a car is being operated.

      In our vehicles, we check every drive to see if they have their permit and that it is not expired.

      For safekeeping, we suggest that students tuck their permits into the sleeve provided by the state, then slip it into their wallet or cell phone case. They CANNOT carry a copy of their permit. They must have the original permit on their person when driving with us or with parents.

    • How long does my student have to complete all of the BTW's?

      All of our students have 9 months from the first day of class to complete all of their requirements with us to avoid having to take the entire course again.
      Those requirements are:

      a) complete all 30-hours of classroom instruction, which includes all make-up classes if any were missed.

      b) complete all of the drives a student signed up for.

      Any drives that are still left to be done after the 9-month contract date has expired will be charged the current rate to finish them up.

    License Info

    • When can my teen take the road test for his/her license?

      As of 1/1/2023 The Secretary of State has stopped allowing third party driving schools to administer Road Tests.  We are hoping to have the laws changed as soon as possible so we can continue giving tests to our students.  Check back here for updates.

      NOTE:  This is not being offered at this time!

      You can now take a Road Test with us at a few of our locations. All the requirements below must be met:

      1) You have completed a Drivers Ed Course with a final grade of A or B and have proof to show us. We need to see a report card if you did not attend Joyce’s Driving School.
      2) You have had a permit for at least 9 months OR you are 16 years old. One of these criteria needs to be met in order to book a road test with us.  (NOTE:  You cannot get a license in Illinois without BOTH of these criteria being met.)
      3) You have a complete 50-hour driving log documenting 50 hours of driving in the past nine months (10 driving hours need to be at night).

      You can sign up for a road test on our website. If you pass our test, which is certified by the state, we will give you a waiver to take to the Secretary of State’s Office. You will need an appointment with them – scheduled on line at https://www.ilsos.gov/. Show them the road test waiver, get your picture taken, get your vision checked, and then get a license.
      You will need to bring your 50-hour log, the road test waiver and all your other supporting documents to get your license. You CANNOT go to the SOS office for a license until you are 16.
      The State reserves the right to spot check any student with a waiver from any school. There is a 5% chance that you will randomly be chosen to take another Road Test at the SOS offices. You can go to the Secretary of State’s office when ALL the requirements below are met:
      · You are 16 years old
      · You have had a permit for at least 9 months
      · He/she has a Certificate of Completion from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office – this will be a letter from Springfield which is sent directly to the address listed on the teens permit. Teens will get this certificate once they have completed all the requirements with our organization and we have filed their paperwork with the state. Go to: Driver’s Ed Completion Check to see if you are eligible to go in for your road test.
      · Your teen has a complete 50-hour driving log documenting 50 hours of driving in the past nine months (10 driving hours need to be at night).
      What vehicle do we use for the road test?
      If you choose to take a Road Test with our company, you will use our vehicle.
      If you go to the Secretary of State’s office, the road test is usually taken in your personal vehicle. Your vehicle must have:
      · A license plate on the front and the back.
      · All turn signals and brake lights in working condition
      · A working horn
      · Have safety belts for all occupants
      · Have proof of insurance for said vehicle
      What documents do I need to bring for the Road Test?
      Click here to see required documents.
      ANY QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL (847) 977-7193

  • Classroom Info

    Teen On-Line IMPROV S.P.I.D.E.R. Program

    • What are the REQUIREMENTS for Teens under 19 years of age?


      ·        30 hours of Utah approved online/home study course or 27 hours of high school classroom instruction, or 18 hours of commercial/private school classroom and

      ·        6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) instructions

      The On-Line IMPROV S.P.I.D.E.R. Course is provided to allow students to work at the classroom portion at their own pace.  It includes videos, reading material, quizzes and more to provide the classroom requirements for driving school.

    • Why On-Line IMPROV S.P.I.D.E.R. Course?

      Learn at your own pace!
      Course Includes all Utah Drivers Education Requirements

      1. 6 Hours of In-Car Training self-scheduled on your student portal and completed with a certified instructor
      2. lessons are 4 x 1.5 hour time slots for hte majority of our UTAH students

      ·      On-Line IMPROV S.P.I.D.E.R. Course with essential lessons will be provided to students upon registration  To start the program, log into your student portal and find the access to the on-line program there.

      ·       Passing grade is 80% or higher on the course Final Exam, which needs to be scheduled in the training vehicle, once the on-line portion has been completed in full.

      ***Before enrolling in this course please be sure you have completed the necessary test and have obtained your state issued learner’s permit.  You will be asked to input info from your learner permit while registering.

    • What is TEEN Skill Building

      Skill building is for teens who have completed a drivers education program elsewhere but still need some practice with an instructor to hone their driving skills.

      If you cannot comfortably sit next to your student, give them an address of where to go, then sit quietly next to them as they navigate their way there, without any prompts from you, they are not ready to be in the car alone and may need some extra help from our instructors.

      We have many Skill Building options to suit everyone’s needs.  Click here for more info.

    • How do I book a BTW for my student?

      Log into the STUDENT PORTAL with the credentials we provided to you when we activated your student account.  Form there, you should see a calendar.  Click on any of the “green days” to see available time slots on that particular day.

    • Why are students limited to only 2 BTW's bookings?

      In order to keep times open for all of our students, we limit the number of drives any one student can book in the future.  You can always have two drives scheduled in the future.  This also gives you time to practice what we are teaching you in your lessons.  PRACTICE EVERYTHING WE ARE TEACHING YOU as you will see it all again for your Road Skills Test.

    Adult Driving Lessons

    • How do I book a BTW drive as an ADULT student?

      Call us at 435-215-1745 to book your lessons.  Depending on what you purchased, we can drive you 2 hours per lesson.  Adults are only scheduled on weekdays, between the hours of 9am – 2pm.

    • What is required for an adult to get their license in Utah?

      Applicants 19 years of age or older, who have never been licensed to drive a motor vehicle, may be licensed without completing a driver education course if they hold a learner permit for at least three months and complete at least 40 hours of driving (10 of which must be during the dark) OR applicants may complete an approved driver education course and waive the three-month learner permit requirement.
      (Utah Driver Handbook 2020 v.1, page 5)

    • What is the ADULT FAST TRACK Option

      You can complete an approved driver education course and apply for your Utah driver license immediately following completion.

      Driver Education Course = On-Line IMPROV S.P.I.D.E.R.+behind-the-wheel training for 6 hours.

      Benefits include:

      1. You may obtain your license much quicker. Those who take driver education do not have to hold a learners permit for 3 months before applying for a Utah driver license.
      2. Safety First! Completing Joyce’s Driving School driver education course includes much more than the minimum information you need to pass the state written and road exams. Joyce’s emphasis on defensive driving skills will add safety as a priority to students driving habits.

    • What is the ADULT STANDARD Option

      Obtain and hold a learners permit for three months and complete 40 hours of driving prior to being allowed to apply for a Utah driver license (10 of these hours must be completed after sunset).

      Although Joyce’s Driving School recommends a complete driver education course, the choice is up to you.

      If you choose option #2, we recommend a driving lesson package and/or a written exam preparation course.

    • What are the ADULT Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) training options:
      • 2 Hours BTW training (One 2-hour session)
      • 3 HOurs BTW training (Two 1.5-hour sessions)
      • 4 Hours BTW training (Two 2-hour sessions)
      • 6 Hours BTW training (Three 2-hour sessions OR Four 1.5-hour sessions)
      • 8 Hours BTW training (Four 2-hour sessions)

      and so on.

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