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Utah Adult Drivers Ed Program


Who are our Adult Drivers Education Programs for?

Our driving classes for adults are specific to students who are older than 19, including:

  • Adults 19 and older who need a driver’s education program to get a license in less than 90 days.
  • Adults 19 and older who need a few refresher Behind-the-Wheel lessons to feel confident and roast test ready.
  • Adults who have never got their license and want to learn how to drive.
  • Adults who have moved here from another country and wish to get their U.S. driver’s license.
  • Seniors who are nervous about driving.
  • Seniors who need a little confidence boost for their driver’s exam.
  • Man behind the wheel with instructor at Joyce's Driving School for their student driver education program.

    "Fast Track" Lessons

    BENEFIT: You can complete an approved adult driver's ed course and apply for your Utah driver's license immediately following completion. Utah law states the following:

    "completion of driver ed older than 19
    Applicants 19 years of age or older who have never been licensed to drive a motor vehicle may be licensed without completing a driver education course if they hold a learner permit for three months and complete at least 40 hours of driving (10 of which must be during the dark.) OR applicants may complete an approved driver education course and waive the three month learner permit requirement."

    1. You may obtain your license in less than 90 days with this option, as those who take a complete driver's education program do not have to hold a learner's permit for 90 days before applying for their Utah driver's license.
    2. Completing Joyce’s Driving School adult driving lessons provides you with much more than the minimum information you need to pass the state written exams (if you do not yet have a learners permit) and feel road test ready.
    3. Joyce’s emphasis on defensive driving skills will ensure safety is a top priority for students.

    Program Price: $595.00

    Joyce's Driving School wants to prepare students to make a lifetime of correct choices on the road.

    Standard Lessons and Skill Building

    Our Standard Adult driving lessons are a good option for those who are looking to build or enhance their driving skills.  These in-car driving lessons for adults allow students to go at a slower pace before getting their license.

    Student must:
    1. obtain have a legal Utah learner's permit for at least three months
    2. complete 40 hours of driving (10 of these hours must be completed after sunset)
    before being allowed to apply for a Utah driver's license.

    These lessons are for those looking for help with the following:

    1. a slower pace for getting a license than the "Fast Track" option above
    2. those required to take a road test and would like a refresher on the road test requirements
    3. adults from other countries looking to brush up their driving skills that may be different here in the states
    4. anyone looking for some driving lessons to help with their driving skills

    Program Price: Starts at $100/hour

    A graphic of a vertical traffic light with red, yellow, and green lights illuminated against a dark blue background with the words "Illinois Driver's Ed Road Test" in white at the top.

    UTAH _ Road Test

    Call today to schedule a road test from one of our Utah State Certified testers. Keep in mind that Utah State law prohibits us from testing our own driving students.

    * Utah State Certified
    * Flexible Hours
    * Serving the local Park City/Deer Valley/Heber Valley Area
    * Two testing locations – Kimball Junction (start at the PC visitors center) and Prospector, Park City (start at the LDS church parking lot behind PCHS)
    Complete local Road Test In Less Than 20 mins

    *Before enrolling in this course please be sure you have completed the necessary Utah written test and have obtained your state issued learners permit.

    Drive Safe, Keep your Eyes on the Road!

    Program Price: $80.00

Browse our Utah driving school locations in Park City, Midway, Heber, and Kamas.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Just wanted to post a thank you message to Joyce’s driving school! From day one it has been flawless and I highly recommend having your son/daughter taking the road test with Joyce’s vs DMV. We didn’t get to the DMV till 3:45pm but since he had already completed the road test, we were able to go in right away and walk out 30 minutes later with his license. Thanks so much! From whoever answered my calls to the instructors, it was perfection and I will continue to recommend your business.

    — Becky Barrus
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • Hello!! Just wanted to share a quick story. My daughter took her driver's test last Thursday (she passed, yeah!!!) When she returned the first thing her instructor/tester(?) said to me was "money well spent mom". I was confused at first but he went on to say that he noticed she took driver's ed with Joyce's and what a wonderful job she did and how great of a driver she was. He said he had 3 other students from Joyce's that day and that they all did a great job. He said they must have some great instructors at Joyce's and what a great job they do. I'm sure he see's students from many schools in the area and what a compliment to Joyce's that he would go out of his way to mention that. Thought you should know! Thanks Joyce's!!!!!!

    — Shelby Elias
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “Great experience! Good teachers and staff. The Flex-ed program our son took this past summer was exactly what we needed for a busy student athlete. Thanks for offering these unique programs.”

    — Joyces Driving School Parent

  • “The whole experience with Joyce’s has been OUTSTANDING, from my first inquiry, through my son's classroom sessions and BTWs, the ease of navigating through your website, and the high quality staff that we have interacted with throughout this process. I will highly recommend Joyce’s to anyone and everyone with teens starting this journey…”

    — Robyn K.
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “I strongly recommend Joyce’s Driving School. The kids come away with knowledge, skills and confidence to be smart drivers on the road. Thank you Joyce!”

    — Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “Very positive experience! Excellent training and Joyce and instructors are all very responsive and helpful.”

    — Joyce’s Driving School Parent

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