Our teen programs in Palatine, Illinois include classroom and Behind-the Wheel training.

Illinois Teen Programs (Behind The Wheel)


Teen Skill Building Behind The Wheel

A great option for a teen who has already completed the requirements for driver’s education but may need a little more time with a professional instructor. These extra lessons might just be what your teen may need to gain the confidence they need.

Prepare for the Road Ahead

Available in hour-long increments with lessons that can focus on specific areas of concern that you may have. We will work with students and parents to identify areas to work on. Packages available for multiple hours purchased. We also offer a highway driving package that will cover many situations in a variety of traffic levels.

During your instruction you will improve the following:

  • Rules of the road.
  • Left and right turns.
  • Decision making.
  • Emergency situations.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Reversing and backing up around a corner.
  • Basic driving skills.
  • Parking on hills.
  • Right of way.
  • Merging and lane changing.
  • Most importantly – driving with confidence and a positive attitude!

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Just wanted to post a thank you message to Joyce’s driving school! From day one it has been flawless and I highly recommend having your son/daughter taking the road test with Joyce’s vs DMV. We didn’t get to the DMV till 3:45pm but since he had already completed the road test, we were able to go in right away and walk out 30 minutes later with his license. Thanks so much! From whoever answered my calls to the instructors, it was perfection and I will continue to recommend your business.

    — Becky Barrus
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • Hello!! Just wanted to share a quick story. My daughter took her driver's test last Thursday (she passed, yeah!!!) When she returned the first thing her instructor/tester(?) said to me was "money well spent mom". I was confused at first but he went on to say that he noticed she took driver's ed with Joyce's and what a wonderful job she did and how great of a driver she was. He said he had 3 other students from Joyce's that day and that they all did a great job. He said they must have some great instructors at Joyce's and what a great job they do. I'm sure he see's students from many schools in the area and what a compliment to Joyce's that he would go out of his way to mention that. Thought you should know! Thanks Joyce's!!!!!!

    — Shelby Elias
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “Great experience! Good teachers and staff. The Flex-ed program our son took this past summer was exactly what we needed for a busy student athlete. Thanks for offering these unique programs.”

    — Joyces Driving School Parent

  • “The whole experience with Joyce’s has been OUTSTANDING, from my first inquiry, through my son's classroom sessions and BTWs, the ease of navigating through your website, and the high quality staff that we have interacted with throughout this process. I will highly recommend Joyce’s to anyone and everyone with teens starting this journey…”

    — Robyn K.
    Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “I strongly recommend Joyce’s Driving School. The kids come away with knowledge, skills and confidence to be smart drivers on the road. Thank you Joyce!”

    — Joyce’s Driving School Parent

  • “Very positive experience! Excellent training and Joyce and instructors are all very responsive and helpful.”

    — Joyce’s Driving School Parent

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