Joyce's Driving School car used for instruction of teens




With winter upon us here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Drives take place in all different weather conditions but will be cancelled if roads become hazardous.
  • Washer fluid is filled each oil change but if you need more for your car it is available at each of our locations for you to add.
  • Make sure to keep the recirculating button off so that fresh air is entering the car to keep windows clear from fogging.
  • Each vehicle should have a brush with a scraper on it. Please let us know if it breaks or goes missing.




Seeing these signs and having an awareness of what they mean can be an important lesson. We should be coming to complete stops at every stop sign and red light that we encounter. Whether we are driving Joyce’s car or we are instructing a student. If you sense that a student is going to roll through a red light to turn right it is our job to stop them and explain the importance of stopping, moving forward, looking and then proceeding when safe.

If you are in a car that receives a red light ticket it will be your responsibility to pay these $100 fines in a timely manner. Please be aware of where these red light cameras are  in your area and be extra diligent to avoid these violations.



As you know Joyce’s does not have set routes for you to instruct the students on. We give you, the instructor, the freedom to customize your route based on the students ability and needs, traffic and weather. While  we do not measure each drive, we do occasionally analyze gps data to make sure that we are maximizing the learning experience while minimizing the wear and tear of unnecessary miles on the cars.



We are all aware of the dangers of driving while being distracted by a cell phone. While instructors are not sitting behind the wheel while students drive, they are responsible for the safety of the occupants and the car. We understand that an occasional check of your phone may become necessary during a students lesson it should be kept to a minimum and preferably only when the car is not in motion.



Although it is one of the least used maneuvers on a road test it is important to teach it correctly. A few things to remember while instructing students.

  • Make sure…

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Showing a 3 point turn

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