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We have put forth the effort in answering many of our Frequently Asked Questions with in-depth descriptions and links.

Our Blog

Joyce Younger started Joyce's Driving School in 2009 and is excited to bring driver's education to Park City and surrounding locations.

Joyce Younger

Joyce started Joyce's Driving School in 2009 as a one person company.  Joyce's Driving School has grown to over 20 vehicles and  instructo...

Mark Younger is one of our main instructors for Behind-the-Wheel lessons and has been an integral part of Joyce's Driving School for several years.

Mark Younger

Mr. Younger has been an integral part of this company for several years now.  While we lived in Illinois he was the fleet manager and an in...

Mary Pat Resch is in charge of scheduling all Behind-the-Wheel lessons with students and instructors.

Mary Pat

Meet Mary Pat - she is the person in charge of all Behind-the-Wheel scheduling for both students and instructors.  We would be lost without...

Diane Moncada keeps the ship running on the back end at Joyce's Driving School with office work.


Diane keeps this ship running on the back end.  From office work, to phone calls, to a happy face, she is there to help us all.  Diane is ...

Mark Zelazodski is an instructor at Joyce's Driving School.



Our Schaumburg location serves Streamwood and Elk Grove Village. See below for our services and programs.



Matt Rosenow has been with Joyce's Driving School for a couple years and enjoys working at all our locations for the variety.



Kent Hiatt is one of our instructors at Joyce's Driving School.



Joyce's Driving School offers a variety of programs for both teens and adults in Palatine, Illinois including Behind-the-Wheel and classroom training.



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